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IS54 (Isaiah 54)
In our early years we met at another venue. A prophetic word was given to us 1990 to “lengthen your cords, and strengthen your stakes, for you shall expand to the right and to the left (Isaiah 54:2-3).” Several other prophets confirmed this word over the ensuing years. God began to enlarge the vision of what He wanted to do with Abundant Life and with that came the realisation that we needed to look to the Lord to provide us with our own premises.

In 1996 the Lord led us to purchase our land here at 36 Sutherland Road. Most of the necessary work of altering and renovating the building was accomplished through willing volunteers from the church family. The 150-seat centre was officially opened 1 March 1997. The next step was to “quick-build” the offices and youth centre during January and February 1998.

It is a tremendous testimony to God that through the generosity of His people the property was completely freehold within three years of our official opening.

The vision for the land was now to move into the ultimate stage. In 2001 work was commenced on “IS54 – The Centre”. This is a multipurpose facility with the capacity to seat 600 people, uniquely designed to become a new community hub in our Brookfield / Judea suburban. A place where people are healed, taught, restored and released into the fullness found in Jesus Christ. As transformed people we are able to transform our community.

The property is dedicated to the glory of God and we look forward to the years that lie ahead of us as God uses the facility to bless and minister to our community.

What’s been done in 2017

Some of the highlights
–   Main Entrance
Stairs tiled

Upstairs Offices framed

Atrium automatic door-openers installed

Entire building pre-wire for power, fire, security and data

Upgraded Transformer installed

Main and secondary switchboards installed

Auditorium and side-room walls strapped

Insulation and sound-proofing “batts” installed

-Atrium Ceiling with lighting completed

What’s happening right now?

Sound and lighting bars installed

Speaker cable wired

Auditorium ceiling is being installed

Atrium air-conditioning ducting is being installed

Auditorium air-conditioning ducting painted for installation

-Acoustic panel batons being painted/stained

What’s ahead?

Kitchen benches, range hood and steriliser

Final Internal Painting – everywhere

Mobility Lifts – main and stage

Carpet and other Flooring

Car park and “roadingTarsealing

Final landscaping

Sound desk / sound system / data projection

-Many other smaller projects

We have been so blessed with the many people who have partnered with us to see our IS54 vision fulfilled. Please contact us today if you would like more information on how to partner with us for the provision of this God-glorifying project.

Open the attached file for the full information brochure about this exciting project.

IS54 Brochure

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