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Sunday the 23rd of February was a big day for Jan and I and a big day for Abundant Life as Mike and Janne along with Len and Linda Buttner commissioned us as senior Leaders of Abundant Life Church.

It felt like a wedding day to us, in one sense solemn and in another joyous, however it feels good that marriage has taken place and that the bride (ALC) said “Yes” and didn’t run away before the “I do’s”.

Both Jan and I want to thank you as a church for supporting us for the four years we were in Africa and for receiving us back so warmly to Pastor Abundant Life.

We also want to honour and thank Mike and Janne for their faithful service in ALC and to the body of Christ for the past 37 years. They have made a significant investment into the body of Christ in Tauranga, in New Zealand and overseas during those 37 years.

So, where to from here? Well there is a lot happening, we have transitioned into new leadership as a church, and we are now about to transition into our new auditorium which will bring about more change. I believe as we move into the new centre there will be a huge shift for us spiritually as we enter into the fulfilment of that promise.

I am believing for a greater measure of faith to be released in our midst as we take possession of IS54. Something spiritual will take place on the inside of us because we have witnessed to the faithfulness of God regarding that building. It’s time to get excited church, it’s time for that last great push to see IS54 completed by May. It is going to require us to help wherever we can to see it happen.

A big thankyou to all who have sacrificially given of their money and their time to this project, and especially to Dave and Yvonne Chapman who have sacrificially given so much to IS54.

Also, it’s time to prepare for a move of the Holy Spirit which will bring a harvest. Have a read of Joel 2:23-30 ESV I believe we are about to see “Abundant rain”, it’s what our hearts long for, we have seen and experienced refreshing’s  in the past, but our hearts long for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Lets get ready!

If you are hungry for God to move, and are able to, we would encourage you to join us for the 40 Day Jesus Fast beginning today 1 March – April 9.

There are several different types of fasts you can do, it doesn’t mean you have to fast all food for 40 days. But let us encourage you, pray and fast if you are able over the next six weeks for Jesus to move powerfully in our midst.

God Bless, Rod and Jan

Author: Caroline Fletcher