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Kia Ora Church

In his sermon on Sunday 1st September, Sammy Sta Lucia challenged us “we need to tackle our lack of expression!”  This applies firstly in response to our God and secondly in our response to others, Christian and non-Christian.

God is relentlessly pursuing you… Out of the seven billion people on earth He sees you!! He loves you and is calling you to engage your emotions and return to your first love. Jesus Christ is enough! He is the way, the truth and the life. Independence kills us, dependence on Him saves us. Jesus is God’s provision for mankind.

As transformed people transforming our communities, we need to express who we are and whose we are, testifying of God goodness to encourage others.

Galatians 2:20 states… It’s no longer I that live but Christ who lives in me.

Following our three weeks of prayer and fasting… there are testimonies of ones experiencing family restorations and breakthroughs. This is just a foretaste of what is to come, but we want to see the more!

David Connell (sermon 8th Sept) asked, “what is the larger goal God is wanting to do in and through our lives?” When coming into a place of promise (eg Is54 The Centre), forward movement not only requires release of finances but intentional dedication of every part of our lives to His greater cause. David warned, if our prime goal is to have wonderful encounters with God but we are still only living in the desert, little will be achieved. Many of us need to change our perspective on life.

Like the Israelites in the wilderness many of us are running from something instead of running to something. We need to lift our heads! Kingdom thinking looks forward, changes our perspective and powerfully affects our day to day living. It is however helpful to realise that moving toward something is much harder than moving away from something. Moving toward requires strong vision and sense of purpose, persevering faith and unwavering trust in God and His promises.

This is a time of divine acceleration and momentum! Divine acceleration is the supernatural ability of God applied to your life, business, career, ministry, time and circumstance to bring about His plans. Listen closely to Holy Spirit, He is our coach. Sometimes we can feel like we are treading water, but if we want momentum to increase, we need to be moving. As Janne Cullen put it, this involves turning our “potential energy into kinetic energy (action)”. Powerful God-inspired declarations release His promises and angels to carry out His will and purposes. Acts 10:38

Let us revisit our prophetic words, boldly declaring God’s promises yes and amen!

A heartfelt welcome to Len and Linda Buttner as they bring the word of the Lord.May they be blessed as they minister to us this weekend at the Men’s breakfast meeting, and our morning and evening services on Sunday.

Many thanks to all who continue to sow into Is54 the Centre, including helping David Chapman painting the offices. Through your generosity 13 out of the 34 doors have been paid for. Together we move towards the completion of our building. 😊

This is a time of transition & acceleration, not only for ALC but also for our city. With our Local Body Elections this month, pray for all eligible voters to vote with Godly wisdom, and for progressive united leadership for our city & regional councils.

Arohanui, Lorraine 😊 😊

Author: Caroline Fletcher