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Janne Cullen


The Power of Words

21 Oct 2018 Alvin Allan Words are creative. How many of the 6 billion people of the world are speaking positively? It is so important that we are.


18 Sept 2016 Alvin Allan Courage is found when facing fear.


06 Mar 2016 Alvin Allan To be obedient is to walk holy and in the will of God for your life. A great message!

Praise & Worship

29 Nov 2015 Alvin Allan We are made for praise and worship! Alvin went through seven reasons for praise and worship, all with positive examples of the out comes.

Keys to Spiritual Warfare – Prayer & Fasting

13 Sept 2015 Alvin Allan Prayer is powerful! Alvin speaks from his own life experiences of the power and effectiveness of prayer and how each generation needs to take up the responsibility of prayer support for the people we know. Fasting is required for some circumstances, so if nothing is happening you might need to up the…